Thursday, September 24, 2009

lets make a mess, lioness

i'm happy. skip in my step, put together outfits, shiny hair, smiles for strangers, compassion for people on death row, making mousse for flatmates, no amount of photocopying and shredding can bring me down happy. oh dear lord, i've had a fantastic month. and please god, please, please let it last. if you promise to keep up your end of the deal, i promise to smile through everything. i absolutely, truly promise.

and dear readers, let me list the things that have made september my best month this year:

  • the new album by arctic monkeys that has quickly become my favorite by them so far

  • my amazing wardrobe - it has been built over the period of a year - i think i now finally own 90% of the items (clothes, accessories, shoes and bags) that i would want in my dream wardrobe. don't ask me what i've been subsisting on though. there is a price to pay for fashion. a price. and it's rude to ask.

  • the planning and organizing of my birthday present for the jew - we are going to taipei tomorrow for a long weekend. you know how i feel about cities and how i feel about boutique hotels. i can hardly wait!

  • gossip girl season 3 started last week and chuck bass is sex on legs. oh how i've missed chuck bass.

  • and finally, my sister was in town for two whole weeks of fun and debauchery before she starts uni in october. it was brilliant fun. especially since she's also one of the best photographers i know and she indulged me quite substantially by arranging for a faux-fashion photo shoot. it was absolutely marvelous. and you know i never say things like marvelous. here's a photo of my feet and the piggy bank. we captioned it "Queen P"

how cute are the shoes? i'm serious, this is not a rhetorical question - i really expect to know, on a scale of 1-10 how cute you think my shoes are!

and now, i must run run run so i can run some errands before the trip tomorrow. have a lovely weekend everyone! speaking of, LiLo is in town for the F1 tamasha, i'm looking forward to coming back to work on monday and going through paparazzi pics of her eating like chicken-rice or something.


km said...

A *shoe* post. Hmph.

//Arctic Monkeys? Really? Aren't they already the flavor-of-2006? What other new bands are you baccha log listening these days?

Manisha said...

I might go for the F1 thing too!! Can't wait!!

hmm... the shoes... 8.5 (extra half for the awesome piggy bank next to your shoes)= 9!!


AndAnd. Enjoy your weekend ;)

lemon said...

OMG! Are those Vivienne Westwood's?!!

They're awesome!

Anonymous said...


scout said...

km: haw! that's like saying, the cure are so 1988. some flavors last forever, hmph! oh there's TONS of new music. maybe i should write a music post!

manisha: haha, how was it? yay! you like em!

lemon: whee - you recognized them! i love them to death. i want to make babies with them. :D

anon: hahaha, now i'm stupidly curious why you chose the number '3' - like, if you hate them, why not 0/10? what is it about the shoes that merits that extra 3 points? is it the shiny plasticky look? or the red heart?

Mystique said...

oooh chuck bass. *drools*

yeah i'm still watching season 1

bef said...

One senses a distinct change in your target audience.
One is forced to frown and mumble things to oneself.

Manisha said...

I went to Singapore, but didn't manage to go for the F1 thing. Ah well, at least I got a lot of shopping done XD

Sharon said...

The shoes are too cute! But I'm confused whether it's the blue tights that makes them so NOM NOM NOM-able? So a 7/10.

Anonymous said...

you cannot compare the flavour of arctic monkeys to the phenomenon of the cure! blasphemy! no matter how much NME drools over arctic monkeys, i don't think we should overstate their importance. they're an eminently listenable, fun as fuck, overhyped but extremely enjoyable musical presence. but that's all.

(you can aggrandize turner and compare him to morrisey; but we all know who wins there.)